Real Wood Sit Stand Desk

Real Wood  UPstandesk Electric Standing Desks

4 Button Memory

White, Black & Grey Frames

Top Widths 1200mm

Top Depth: 700mm
Top Finishes : Oak, Rustic Pine & Walnut

Key Features

  • Fast and quiet dual motors, adjust desk height from 70 to 120 cm in a few seconds
  • Advanced touch-sensitive controller with sit/stand timer and 4 memory presets, adjust heights with a single touch
  • Heavy duty steel construction, stable and sturdy, support up to 100 kg
  • 2-stage reversed columns, dust-proof and more stable

Scientists estimate that by reducing your sitting time to less than 3 hours a day could increase your life expectancy by 2 years. It is highly recommended you take a break or switch to standing position after sitting for 2 hours or more.  Several studies also show lower back pain is becoming a common problem for people sitting over 4 hours per day.  By switching to standing positing regularly, you will be focusing on your work more, extending your life expectancy, and alleviating lower back pain.

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Real Wood Sit Stand Desk